'Shakeela' first look poster is about breaking the stereotype

2nd November 2018

Now a film on one of the controversial adult stars from down south named Shakeela Chechi is on the card, . Actress Richa Chadda is roped in for the role and her first looked which had her in an ethnic saree made her look closer to the character.

Now the makers have dropped the first look poster of the film with bright yellow orchestra lights font with the title 'Shakeela' on it. More importantly, it is the tagline that breaks every stereotype "Not a porn star". The film would showcase her real-life struggle which she faced while choosing the profession of doing the adult films since the 90's. Shakeela was born in Chennai, her father was from Tamil Nadu and mother from Andhra Pradesh. Basically, her family was under poverty line which made her choose the path.

Speaking about the film director Indrajit said, "I was unaware of Shakeela until I worked with her for a film in 2003 and instantly I was pulled to her story and wanted to make a film on her. We always see rags to riches stories but this is a rags to riches to rags story of a woman who has seek peaks of luxury and then lost it all and to see how and what happened is what really sparks great interest." 

While Richa spoke, "When I was offered this role I was very apprehensive but then I met Shakeela And I saw her gutsy attitude and it became easy. She had forgiven everyone who had done ill to her in her life and she has moved on."  

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