After Arbaaz, Sajid Khan also involved in IPL betting scandal

6th June 2018

The B-town producer/director Arbaaz Khan already admitted his involvement in betting on IPL Matches, has taken many of us by shock. While we have yet another re-known face from Bollywood who is alleged of having his involvement in the IPL Betting scandal. Bookie Sonu Jalan, who earlier named Arbaaz with his involvement has now revealed the name of director-producer Sajid Khan in the betting scandal.

The bookie who claims to have a link with underworld Don Dawood-Ibrahim has spill Sajid's name in an official investigation by Thane police cops. According to media reports, Jalan has said that Sajid Khan, brother of director Farah Khan, used to place bets on cricket matches around 7 years ago although police have been investigating the matter in detail. 

As per further media reports, two more Bollywood producers have been summoned by the police. "Two Bollywood producers, Parag Sanghvi and Murad Khaitan's names have cropped up. We will call them for questioning. Sanghvi was Jalan's [Sonu Jalan] partner. A top bookie who is a Mumbai-based builder's son, Dilip Ludhani, has also been named. We are probing further. We will call Khan again if needed," a police official quoted. Sanghvi has produced films such as 'Partner' and 'Risk'.

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