Akshay Kumar fights for animal rights

30th November 2013
Recently a disturbing video of a teenager kicking a cat caught attention of many, as Akshay Kumar wrote about it on his microblogging page and spoke about animal rights.
Akshay was at a shoot of his upcoming movie 'It's Entertainment' when a friend showed him the video and the star was so shocked that he tweeted about the incident along with the video link which occurred in his vicinity of Versova.
Akshay was so furious that he wrote ''Don't know who this person is I am not sure if he is fit to be called a person after watching this clip. I don't know if he is found, but I do hope when he is found he is treated in exactly the same manner".
Akshay is an animal lover and has two dogs Okie and Cleo. He understands the fact that everyone is not an animal lover but advises them "Stay away but no one has the right to treat them this way".
With Akshay fighting for the cause, we are sure that fans will come ahead and find the evil teenager.
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