Christina Hendricks reveals Mad Men nerves

25th March 2012

Christina Hendricks admits feeling "anxious" about the new series of Mad Men.

The actress portrays Joan Holloway in the American TV show, which has been off-air for some time due to financial disputes.

The fifth season of the show is about to hit the small screen and Christina admits feeling nervous while negotiations were on-going.

"There was never any panic, though there's a certain level of anxiety that comes from not knowing when you're going to start shooting again as opposed to if. I never had any real doubts," she told Look magazine.

Although Christina loves portraying Joan, she insists fans of the show shouldn't confuse her with her character. She is nothing like the formidable secretary in real life.

"I'm much more mild-mannered," she laughed. "Joan can be so confrontational and frightening when she's angry. You wouldn't want to cross her!".

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