'Finding Fanny' cast and crew in dilemma

3rd September 2014

Often Indian filmmakers find their film in a fix when 'The Censor Board of Film Certification's dictate goes beyond their understanding. And often the dilemma deepens just when the film is applied for certification for it's release.

The latest film to experience the sharp cut of the board's scissors is filmmaker Homi Adajania's upcoming film 'Finding Fanny'. The film has a very weird situation to deal with as the board as raised an objection over the 'I am virgin' dialogue mouthed by Deepika Padukone in the film.

The board has asked the director to snip the same from the film. Surprisingly the same dialogue was passed for the trailer. The whole confusion over using the 'v' word has put the team in a difficult situation.

Film's director Homi feels that the board has been over stringent with his work. When a senior member of the board was asked to give an opinion about the controversy surrounding the film, she exclaims that the decision to include the word in the promo but not in the film, was quite a surprise for her too.

Nandini Sardesai, a senior CBFC member, said, "It is very subjective, just a perception and there are no set rules on the usage of such words. And the producer has every right to appeal to the revising committee if they are not satisfied with the decision of the examining committee. It is strange that the dialogue has been allowed in the promo, but not in the movie."

However the CBFC Chairperson Leela Samson and the makers of 'Finding Fanny' are currently mum on the issue.

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