Fraud Saiyaan Title Track: Warsi is an ace conman

10th January 2019

The most enthusiastic title track of this season from the movie 'Fraud Saiyaan' starring Arshad Warsi, Saurabh Shukla and Sara Loren is out now. Arshad in and as 'Fraud Saiyaan' is here to tickle your funny bone with his antiques. The song has the player con man Arshad who changes bride like one changes his attire. This he does for living and does it so casually. The partner in his crime is Shukla taking the driving seat but the quirks come out when Warsi is chased by angry mob for his misdeeds. 

Composed by Sohail Sen, the upbeat title track is sung by Shadab Faridi and penned by Kumaar. Click here to watch Fraud Saiyaan Title Track  

Arshad Warsi is boldly playing a conman who marries women in different cities and loots their wealth until table turns on him. In fact producer Prakash Jha, in an interview with a leading daily said, "Fraud Saiyaan is a typical Hindi heartland comedy film."

Going by the glimpses of the song and trailer it looks like a promising light-hearted comedy-drama. Produced by Disha Prakash Jha & Kanishk Gangwal, the film is directed by Sourabh Shrivastava and will hit the silver screen on 18th January 2019.