Here are the 24 lessons SRK learned from 24 women

28th June 2016

Shah Rukh Khan's contribution to the Indian cinema is marvellous. He recently completed his 24 long and successful years in the Bollywood film industry. He is still so young and dynamic that we just cannot believe that the next year will mark the silver jubilee of Badshah Khan in the industry. His debut film 'Deewana' was released in the year 1992.

Celebrating his 24 years in the industry Shah Rukh took to his twitter to share 24 lessons he learnt from 24 different women. In a series of tweets he posted a simple message which made us love him even more.

Here are the lessons he learnt:

"Thank u for 24 years of living and loving. 24 years of having learnt life from 24 beautiful imaginary women. List and lessons to follow…"

1. TINA. There is nothing abnormal

2. GENA : Give everyone, not accumulate

3. FAGUN : Fall and get up nonetheless.

4. MINA mediocrity is not acceptable

5. DHUN Don’t have unnecessary negativity.

6. RHEA Respect ‘HER’ everywhere always.

7. DIPA  Director is pilot always

8. CHITRA Compete hard,in true rightful ardor

9. EASHA Eventually all sadness heals accordingly.

10. CAROL. Children are raised On Love

11. ITI. Imagine the impossible

12. TYRA. Take your Risks audaciously

13. SKY. Smoking kills you

14. LYRA. Laugh your regrets away

15. TIA. Take India ahead

16. SWATI. Superheroes wear acutely tight innerwear.

17. FIDA. Family is dependable always

18.  AMNA. Art matters, not artist

19. ANITA. Assume not imbeciles take advice

20. MIRA. Mommy is right always

21. Akira. A King inspires righteous aims

22.ASMA  Always smell 'manlike' agreeable

23. NAINA Nature always instills naked awesomeness

24. LAILA. Life abounds in loving all.

"Once again thank you for the years and happiness."

We awe your witty humor Shah Rukh!!!

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