Jack White admits pop star envy

25th March 2012

Jack White often feels jealous of pop stars because they have things "so easy".

The rock star enjoys penning lyrics and giving riveting performances on stage, but admits he occasionally wonders if he's made things too hard for himself.

Jack likes to show the emotion in his songs when he sings, which can make things tiring.

"If I go and see a band who are pop singers and all they have to go out there and do is sing. Just hold the microphone and sing. There's a part of me that's so jealous of that, like, God, it's so easy' or like a Vegas show where they just go out and do the same thing every night and it's like, God, you've got it so easy,'" he told NME. "But at the same time I would never not wanna have any challenge ahead of me."

It's important to Jack that he is always pushing boundaries. He can't bear the thought of people finding his music boring, or saying it all sounds the same.

"I think no matter where you are, you have to analyse what you're doing, you're environment," he said. "Especially as an artist, I don't ever wanna stagnant and be still, I wanna constantly move forward."