Jodhpur court announces its verdict in Salman Khan's Arm Act case

18th January 2017

As we all know actor Salman Khan is already targeted by law and orders of the state of Rajasthan when he was charged with the case of killing black bucks. The case is now 18 years old and still the final result for it is yet to come. He was also charged for keeping unlicensed weapons and using them for hunting. Now the actor along with his sister Alvira Agnihotri has reached for hearing in Jodhpur court. He arrived in the city with his sister on Tuesday. 

Khan has multiple cases filed against him- two chinkaras and two black bucks. Earlier the actor spent a day behind the bars before he was granted bail.

Actor's lawyer was quoted saying that his client was framed by forest department and there was no evidence of him carrying any firearms besides air guns.

Earlier lower court gave a year's jail term and five-year-term in these two cases.  

Currently the actor has been given a benfit of doubt and freed in 98 Arms act case. Another case of killing the Chinkara deer is challenged by the State Government before the Supreme court.

If Salman is found guilty in this case, he will have to face imprisonment for almost 3 to 7 years.

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