Learn how to manage cleavage from Taapsee and Swara

8th March 2017

It's celebration time for all the women out there as it is their special day, International Women's Day. 8th of March is symbolised as Women's Day and now that she has a day allotted to herself to celebrate and show gratitude, how much is today's woman safe? Each passing day she has to answer so many questions regarding her dressing style and many more things. One question which is gaining importance is the management of cleavage. Leading B-town actresses Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhaskar shared a special video and talked about managing cleavage on this special day.

The video opens up with Swara asking about 'How much cleavage is good cleavage?' The video proceeds further when Taapsee and Swara alternatively tell how to manage a cleavage. While in a office a woman should wear an outfit maybe a collar-bone high neck top because there are many people who often look at women with weird looks. While going for a workout in the gym, one should wear a t-shirt which has a safari kind of neckline. When in a crowded place try wearing polo neck clothes as the chances of getting attracted are much more lesser.

According to Taapsee while heading for a club party just grab a scraf and scarf it up. You may never know that it may create a new style statement.

The most important day in a woman's life is the wedding day. The outfit for the wedding day should be kept simple yet stylish. But don't forget to cover it up. In the last minutes of the video the actresses give a powerful message by saying, "We are women and we are born with it and if you have it flaunt it. If people are getting judgemental then it is their problem and not yours. Be proud of it."

The video gathered a good number of views and positive comments within few hours of its release.

End your women's day celebration by watching the video here.

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