My father disowned me and I became Mallika Sherawat

7th October 2013
'The Bachelorette India- Mere Khayalon Ki Malika' show kicks off today and Mallika Sherawat who will be looking for love on the show shared a few secrets of her not so bright past.
Mallika hails from a conservative family in Haryana and her father was not at all happy with her decision to move to fulfil her 'Bombay dreams'. Mallika shared that he was so infuriated that he went to the extent of disowning her.
Reema Lamba was her original name and in fact she made her debut using it too, but her dad didn't allow her to use his last name 'Lamba', so she was left with no choice and had to change her name to Mallika and used her mom's maiden name.
Mallika's younger brother Vikram Lamba joined her in Mumbai to support her as she marched ahead to make her mark. With Bachelorette going on air today, Mallika's quest for love continues, but many doubt if she really is in a mood to settle down in life and if her quest for a soul mate is real. 
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