Saif to the rescue!!!

18th March 2014

Bollywood Superstar Saif Ali Khan has been famous for more than one reason. 

His performances have always been the main attraction but more over it has been his chivalry that has garnered attention and respect from all ends. And recently he proved it once again that he hasn't gained the cult status for nothing. 

While shooting for his upcoming film 'Humshakals' in Mauritius, film's director Sajid Khan lost his cool when a local couldn't get a scene right. Sajid took the matter in his own hands and tried to train the local but he just couldn't get it right and that made Sajid go red in anger, due to which he walked out of the sets. That is when Saif stepped in and saved the day. 

The actor tried getting the scene done with the same local but when he saw that the efforts were a waste of time, he immediately thought of replacement.

Saif then found his co-star Riteish Deshmukh's hair dresser to be a perfect fit for the character and asked him to step in. 

Delighted by Saif's attention, the hairdresser too agreed to don the character and much to Saif's expectations he pulled it off quite well. 

Now that's an eye for talent!!!

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