Salman was not drunk, says a doctor

23rd January 2015

Salman Khan's breath did not smell of alcohol, said a doctor in the session court during a cross examination session on Thursday.

The doctor examined the actor as well as the blood samples sent to the chemical analyst and finally came to the conclusion, that Khan was not under the influence of alcohol, when the mishap took place in 2002.

The doctor also cleared that the case papers he prepared only indicated 'bad breath', whereas emergency Police Register prepared it stating 'breath smelled of alcohol'.

The actor's counsel Shrikant Shivade said that the case paper appeared fabricated and the word 'alcohol' was added to it.

Further the doctor added, "From this case paper it is true that it cannot be said patient Salman Khan was smelling of alcohol."

The cross-examination with the doctor will continue on January, 27, 2015.

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