Salman's blood alcohol content was high, states a chemical analysis expert

3rd December 2014

A chemical analysis expert present during the hearing of Salman Khan's hit-and-run case informed the court that the actor's blood alcohol content was high than the permissible level when the mishap took place in 2002.

According to the law, the permissible level is 30mg, whereas Khan's blood contained 62 mg.

Petitioner and advocate Abha Singh said, "Today, Salman's blood sample reports were presented in the court and as per his reports, his alcohol level in 100 ml blood was found to be 62 mg. Any amount of alcohol found in blood is enough for an offence if you are found driving."

On which Salman's lawyer asked the court to cross examine the actor's blood samples by sending it to J.J Hospital in Mumbai. He said, "I think the judge will soon pass an order on that."

If the actor is held guilty, then he will be sent behind the bars for 10 years. 

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