Zareen Khan files an FIR against ex-manager

7th December 2018

'Hate Story 3' actress Zareen Khan recently filed an FIR against her ex-manager Anjali Atha for character assassination in the context of an agreement. Anjali called out the actress and allegedly called her a prostitute says the report. Zareen and her lawyer have filed an FIR against her at the Khar Police station on Thursday, under IPC.

A valid source from police station revealed that Zareen and her manager have had a dispute over monetary issues and that there have been a series of messages exchanged between the two. Reports state that Zareen and her manager of 3 to 4 years got into an argument over messages where Anjali called her a prostitute and used indecent language. The brawl has heated up badly and now things have taken a legal route altogether.

The report further suggested that they are yet to verify the facts and depending on further developments, they will summon Anjali. The report also stated that Anjali was told by Zareen that since she doesn't have quality projects at hand she won't be able to pay her fees and hence she should move on. The case has been registered under section 509 and further investigation is underway.

Zareen's lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui said, "A woman's dignity and reputation is of immense value and cannot be put at risk by anyone by indulging in character assassination, and especially by someone who was a representative and whom you once trusted blindly. My client has taken this matter with the seriousness it deserves."

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