Finally the 'Rock On' anthem is here

9th November 2016

Farhan Akhtar has created a host of beautiful songs and his composition really is up to the mark. One such composition of Farhan is the unforgettable title track of his 2008 film 'Rock On.' While all other songs were good enough, this one song left a deep impact on our mind. This is the one song which is remembered till date. As Farhan came up with the sequel he also came up with an smart and innovative idea of releasing a different revisited version of the earlier song.

The song titled as 'Rock On Revisited' showcases Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor crooning the song while the other band members are seen playing various musical instruments. Arjun Rampal and Shashank Arora play the guitar and Purab Kohli is seen playing drums. Farhan is as usual fantastic but the twist in the tale is Shraddha Kapoor is emerging as a professional singer with this film. Her voice is so matured and soothing for the ears to hear.

So this song will be a treat to those who missed the earlier title track.

Watch it here.

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