Irrfan Khan's 'Doob' in Academy Awards race

25th September 2018

Good news for acclaimed actor Irrfan Khan who is currently in London for the cancer treatment has entered the Oscar race. The 'Blackmail' actor's Bangladeshi film, Doob - No Bed of Roses has entered the Oscars 2019 race.

Surprisingly, this film is the official entry from Bangladesh despite being a controversial film which was banned in the country. Lifting the ban, Bangladesh's selection jury has now selected the film as an official entry to Academy Awards 2019 nominating for the best foreign language film category.

Irrfan has not only acted but has co-produced the film. The film's story revolves around a successful filmmaker played by Irrfan who come across a midlife crisis when he has a tryst with his daughter's childhood friend, causing a national scandal.

It is a India-Bangladesh production venture as it is written and directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. Rokeya Prachi plays Irrfan's wife and Nusrat Imrose Tisha plays his daughter. Indian actress Parno Mittra plays Irrfan's daughter's childhood friend.

Speaking about the film Farooki mentioned that the inspiration for the film came from real life incident. He elaborated, "which shook the very foundation of Bangladesh's judgmental Muslim society" and "how women struggle in our society and find strength in despair".

Although being on the controversial subject, the ban on the film was uplifted and it got a theatrical release on October 2017 in Bangladesh, France, India and Australia.

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