Sonu Nigam accepts Maulavi's challenge, shaves his head

20th April 2017

Sonu Nigam created a stir recently on the internet when he posted a series of tweets on his Twitter handle complaining about the noise of loudspeakers in Mosques made during Muslim prayer Azaan. The singer who received rave response on the social media platforms was challenged by a Maulavi and declared a Rupees 10 lakhs price for whoever shaves Sonu's head. Sonu, who accepted the challenge openly held a press conference and amidst the media persons shaved his head by celebrity hairstylist Aalim Hakim.

During the press conference Sonu said, "I have considered Mohammed Rafi as my guru. My driver is a Muslim. I am not anti-Muslim, I consider myself secular." While talking about the decision to shave his head he said, "It's not an agitation, not a challenge that I am throwing someone's way. I am shaving my head just to show that the person cutting my hair is a Muslim. It's all about interpreting things the right way. I exhort the media to present it like that and not in a confrontational way."

In the meanwhile, according to a leading publication the cleric at CIT Road House, Kolkata was quoted saying, "I'm not going to pay Rs 10 lakh because Sonu Nigam has failed to fulfil all the conditions I laid down. I'm glad that he shaved his head although it looks like he only trimmed it.The other two conditions--that he should wear a garland of tattered shoes and visit every Indian household--is still incomplete. So, he does not qualify for the amount I promised."

Currently what we can say is 'All's well that ends well.'

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