Sonu Nigam slams poor journalism for misconstruing his quote

20th December 2018

Singer Sonu Nigam who started off his career introducing India Pop recently made a statement while appearing on the Aaj Tak Summit that has landed him in yet another trouble. The veteran singer had sarcastically said,"I feel like it would be better if I was from Pakistan" comment at a summit. He slammed some journalists for missing "the real content", while clarifying his statement Sonu wrote an open letter via Facebook.

It read "Sometimes in an attempt to make headlines catchy and sensational, some journalists miss the real content. Yesterday's AajTak Summit happened so amazing, and look what have they reduced it to…"

The open letter further read "My point about being better off being born in Pakistan was about the music companies in India asking Indian singers to pay 40-50 per cent of their concerts remunerations to them, and only then they'll work with those artists.. but they don't ask the same from the singers from abroad, namely Pakistan,"Sonu posted on Facebook on Tuesday night.

He slammed poor journalism in the end and concluded saying, "This was the important point I made… and these guys… changed it to 'I would have been better off born in Pakistan I'd have work come my way.' What do I say. Pathetic."

A point well made. Here is the open letter.

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