Arjun Rampal delighted with Daddy's response

13th September 2017

Even after a slow box office start, Arjun Rampal receives appreciation from the critics for his role in 'Daddy'.

Based on a real life story of Dagdi Chawl's ex-Gangster Arun Gawli, titled 'Daddy' began on a low note at the box office with just 4.25 cr on the opening weekend. However, the 44-year-old actor seems ecstatic and overwhelmed from the response he has earned from the audiences.

The film was way better than its expectation from the viewers as well as the number of screens have increased for the second week. Arjun says, "There is a demand for the film, and so we've added 35 screens only in Maharashtra. That is a very positive thing, and we have better timings as well." 

The actor has received some commendable acknowledgement for his acting. Well, it is being considered as one of the finest on-screen performances by Arjun Rampal so far. "People have said I look just like Arun Gawli in the film. It was the director, Ashim Ahluwalia, who made sure that the makeup, wardrobe and my body structure, was very close to Gawli's.That's what the audience has said too, and that's the biggest compliment," he says.

Arjun feels that the film has served justice for the viewers because it has a balanced view. "We didnt' just glorify him. His dark side too was highlighted. We didn't want to make a propaganda film. Arun trusted us to make the film and we hoped that we did not anger him," adds Arjun.

So, has the real life Gawli seen the film? "Please get me permission to show him the movie in jail," says Arjun. "The judicial process of the country may not allow us at the moment, but something can be done where we can show the film to all inmates of the jail where he's lodged."

Arjun's upcoming film is J. P. Dutta's 'Paltan', but the actor needs some rest first. "I've not thought much about Paltan, but I will take time. It’s a film inspired by a real-life character. Right now, I will take a break after Daddy," and ends the conversation.

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