'Befikre' team shares their experience of working with Aditya Chopra

7th December 2016

'Befikre' is just two days ahead of its big release and the makers of the film are ready to treat the audience with a new fresh film. Recently Aditya Chopra opened up about the making of the film and his 21 years long cine journey. Now the whole cast and crew is sharing their experience while working with Aditya Chopra.

According to Ranveer Singh, Adi puts his soul in the making of the film and he has earned a reputation of making a particular types of films. When Ranveer asked Adi about the film he replied back by saying that currently he is the most happiest person in the world and he just wants his happiness to be manifested in a film and this is how 'Befikre' happened.

While writing the script he was not bounded by his own boundaries of making his typical type of films and so he penned it in a way which broke his own stereotype. It is not a roller-coaster film but it is a merry-go-round film.

Music composers Vishal-Shekhar were approached to give the music for the film. They recall what Aditya said to them was, the music should be like we are making the first film and we have to put all our baggage aside. As Vaani Kapoor is just a one film old, working with Aditya was a dream of hers.

According to her, "Aditya Chopra is a true filmmaker. He makes movies because he believes in movies." It is a light hearted movie and not much over-dramatic anywhere.

Ranveer also said Adi told him that whoever watches this movie should hug and kiss the person they love and this feeling has to be delivered to them by all of us.

'Befikre' releases on December 9,2016.

watch the video here.

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