Big B didn't get Avengers Infinity War, Twitterati come to rescue

14th May 2018

Avengers - Infinity War is ruling the world in terms of box-office figures and it has already crossed 200 crore business in India with a massive fanbase of the Marvel fans all over. With a whole lot of superheroes and their interconnected stories, there were many question mark faces as in what's happening who has missed out so many Marvel films from the past and here is Big B falling in the same situation.

Recently, Amitabh Bachchan watched Avengers Infinity war and tweeted that he didn't get what's happening. ''Kuch samajh me nahi aya ki picture me ho kya raha hai." his funny tweet read. While the Twitterati came to explain to him why he didn't get it. Many suggested Mr. Bachchan follow the Marvel Movie Marathon. 

A genuine twitter user retweeted, ''Indians need to read comic books because Marvel and DC movies are based on it. You need to see previous marvel superheroes & Avengers movies to get a grip on this movies. Have a movie marathon.'' 

"Well, Amitabh Sir if you want to understand the film you need to watch every MCU film so far right away from the Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy series." 

Big B was last seen in Umesh Shukla directed '102 Not Out' opposite to Rishi Kapoor. The film managed to earn 20 cr within 5 days of its release. 

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