Bollywood remembered the death of martyrs and victims of 26/11

28th November 2016

On November 26, 2016 the city of Mumbai remembered all the martyrs who lost their lives in the tragic attacks on the Taj Hotel and few other places in Mumbai. A series of twelve bombing and shooting attacks across Mumbai shook the nation and many uniformed heroes lost their lives in this tragic incident. While many programmes were arranged in memory of this real life heroes, Bollywood celebs too paid homage to them by expressing their gratitude on various social networking sites.

Here are some of the Tweets by Bollywood celebs about the incident.

Amitabh Bachchan- "T 2454 - In remembrance of those that sacrificed in death, so we could live !!"

Farhan Akhtar- "26/11.. a day we'll never forget. Sacrifices we'll always remember. Lives we'll always miss. #Mumbai #InMyHeart."

Varun Dhawan- "I pray for peace for all the victims families and hope that we as a society don't let the fire of hate engulf us.#willneverforgetthisday."

Anupam Kher- "While we remember these 26/11 images, pls send a #WarmHug to the families who have lost their dear ones on this day forever. #MumbaiAttacks."

Shabana Azmi- "We will not forget 26/11 and the selflessness of those who sacrificed their lives beyond the call of duty."

Sajid Khan- "Salute to the bravehearts who fought gallantly to protect us...prayers for all the victims and their families. #MumbaiAttacks JAI HIND."

Raveena Tandon- "#26/11  Never Forgive .Never Forget..May this never happen again.May We get strength to wipe out This Evil ..and then..May peace prevail."

Disha Patani- "Please take a minute to remember the real heroes who sacrificed their lives for us on this day. Salute to all."

Sonakshi Sinha- "#MumbaiAttacks never forget what shook us, never stop praying for those we lost and never give up the fight against terror."

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