Darr @ The Mall takes a toll on Jimmy Shergill's health

9th January 2014
Shooting for 'Darr @ The Mall' was no easy task, to the extent that it took a toll on Jimmy Shergill’s health.
The film is a horror story set in a mall and as most of the scenes covered incidents that take place during the night, the film was mostly shot after sunset till the wee hours of morning, which reportedly took a toll on the overall health of lead Jimmy Shergill and the starcast of the horror thriller.
Recounting the experience, Jimmy said, "For most part of the shoot, we had to be awake all nights and once the sun rose, we could sleep just for a couple of hours as we had to follow our daily routine of going to the gym or meeting people too. Needless to say, this started affecting our body cycles and health." 
Jimmy added that to counter this, the team finally decided to avoid consecutive night shoots so as to give enough time for the body to rest.
'Darr @ The Mall' is slated to release on February 21 , 2014.
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