"Frankly, Glamour isn't Shraddha Kapoor's forte". Makers of 'Welcome Back' clarify!

12th July 2013
The makers of 'Welcome Back', producer Firoz A.Nadiadwala and director Anees Bazmee are extremely upset with recent reports in the media of Shraddha Kapoor claiming that she was approached for the film and rejected it ,especially since the real truth is that the actress was never approached for the role in the first place. (Read News)
While the leading role in the original blockbuster Welcome was essayed by Bollywood's numero uno - Katrina Kaif, the makers are keen on casting an A-lister opposite John Abraham since 'Welcome' is a huge franchise. And Welcome Back will only be bigger and better.
Setting the record straight says Firoz Nadiadwala's spokesperson, "Shraddha Kapoor has never been approached for the film and its shocking for her to even suggest it - The role requires someone who is extremely glamorous , has great screen presence and is a fine actress and frankly glamour isn't Shraddha Kapoor's forte - Lets not forget that
Welcome starred the country's number one actress Katrina and hence the role would be suitable to an actress in the top rankings and Shraddha Kapoor doesn't figure in the top 10. It would require years for someone like
Shraddha who is barely a film old and has worked with only with newcomers, to get to the level of working with a huge brand name like John Abraham.The makers have almost finalized a top actress ,announcement of which will soon be made".
Clarifying the same says Aneez Bazmee's spokesperson, "Aneez bhai is very amused by the rumors. It seems to have become a trend for wannabe actresses to declare that they are receiving big films like Welcome Back and are rejecting them since this is the only way they get publicity".
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