Govinda's Rangeela Raja postponed, moves Bombay High court

15th November 2018

Former CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani who is also the presenter of the film 'Rangeela Raja' is facing a lot a flak with the Censorship board which demanded 20 cuts for this Govinda starrer. Claiming it to be vulgar which was objectionable for Pahlaj as he moved to the Bombay High court.

Nihalani appealed to the Vacation Bench of the Bombay High Court to overrule the Censor Board's decision but was put on hold. Finally, the bench heard the matter yesterday but didn't draw upon any conclusion. When the bench asked Nihalani that why he didn't approach the revising committee or tribunal for the matter, the director replied that Censor Board Chief, Prasoon Joshi was not in India. However, the opposition contested this and said that Joshi was very much in India.

Now, the vacation bench said that now the case will be handed to the regular court as on Nov. 19 and the decision will be taken by them. Speaking about the matter Nihalani spoke to the leading daily, "I haven't made up my mind yet on it." The ex Censor Board Chief, who has been thrown in total disarray added, "I have already incurred losses and now with no exact release date in sight, my promotion and distribution plans have gone for a toss too. This is a personal grouse Prasoon has against me. I continue to get harassed, what else can I say?" 

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