Honey Singh receives brickbats for vulgar lyrics

4th July 2019

Singer Yo Yo Honey Singh mostly receives bouquets for his creations, but this time he was also a receiver for brickbats. The singer-composer was pinned down for vulgar lyrics. 

The lyrics that got him in trouble are 'Mein hoon womaniser' (I am a womaniser) and 'Silicon wali ladkiyon' (Silicon girls) from his new song 'Makhna'.

The Punjab State Women Commission has asked the Punjab DGP to take strict action against the singer for this demeaning lyrics towards women. 

"A legal action and an inquiry is required to be initiated by the police on the song readied by T-series chairman Bhushan Kumar and singers Honey Singh and Neha Kakkar for using vulgar words against women."

The commission has also asked police to register an FIR against singer and music label. Chairperson of the commission Manisha Gulati said, "Though the song is not recent (it was released in December 2018), we noticed it only now, since we have too many other things to do. Despite several complaints against Honey Singh's lyrics being vulgar and anti-women, none of the suggested actions were implemented by the Censor Board. That is why he had the audacity to repeat such morally depraved language. The Censor Board should impose a limit on promoting vulgarity in the name of creativity. And strict action should be taken, which serves as a deterrent to others, too. We have asked the DGP (Punjab) for an FIR against Honey and told YouTube to ban the song. We will not stop till someone has taken action. Our investigating agency is the police, and we have complete faith in them to do justice." 

Music label T-Series' head Bhushan Kumar said, "We have not made the song, but bought it from Yo Yo Honey Singh. It's been written, composed and shot by the singer. Also, like every other song, this, too, has been passed by the Censor Board. It was released around eight months ago, so I fail to understand why this is being raked up now."

While Honey Singh and Neha Kakkar remained unavailable for any comment.