I am very emotional, confesses Jimmy Shergill

12th June 2014

Bollywood's dark horse Jimmy Shergill has always been talked about his impeccable acting and films. There has hardly been any fight or link-up rumours that would tarnish his clean profile. And there is a reason behind this.

The star who has very carefully safeguarded his personal life, recently confessed that he is very happy and content with his personal life and loves his family more than anything else in this world.

While talking about his personal life, which is pretty rare, Jimmy also revealed what many guys wouldn't in public. He confessed that he is very emotional and can cry easily.

"Apart from my son Veer, the person I love the most is my wife Priyanka. And not many people know but I am a very emotional person. I can cry easily. If I am shooting outside and if my wife just sends me a card from my ten-year-old son Veer, I will start crying," chuckles Jimmy who also adds that he feels blessed to have his soulmate by his side always.

"She is a perfect housewife. I don't have to bother about anything at home. She is my best friend and will remove my doubts immediately when I have them. She is somebody who will tell me about my work without a bias. I am quite lazy and enjoy going back home after work just to be around in my secure environment with my wife and son there," he said.

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