"I feel awkward at social events" - Tiger Shroff

5th May 2014

An actor's job not only involves the responsibility of entertaining zillions of people, but also interact with them on a day-to-day basis. 

Be it promotions or public relations, stars have to be in touch with their lovers and haters from all ends. 

However, its not an easy task, especially if you are an introvert. And that's exactly the case with Jackie Shroff's son Tiger Shroff

Tiger is making his debut with 'Heropanti' and is getting nervous jitters. He is expected to go all out to promote the film but he recently confessed that he is not very open in nature. 

"I am a very reserved person and not really comfortable going out in the public and interacting like other actors," smiles Tiger. 

Nonetheless, he understands that the profession which he has chosen doesn't leave him with an option to escape this route and he is game for the challenge. 

"This is a part of my job, and I need to get used to it and take a more professional approach towards it. This is only the first time I am going out for movie promotions and meeting people, so I get nervous sometimes, but I am sure that will change over time," says the confident Jr. Shroff. 

However, he added that like his contemporaries, he cannot go all out and interact with people on social media or even parties. 

"I can't do it. I feel awkward at social events. I am not at all a party person and I wouldn't know what to talk in such gatherings. I don't have many friends in Bollywood. I prefer hanging out with my family or training and rehearsing martial arts. I am most at ease when I am training," he adds. 

It seems that it will take a while for this lad to get used to the Bollywood banter. 

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