Vishal Dadlani to lend his voice for a social campaign

13th December 2018

Singer Vishal Dadlani who has the neck of riding bikes and is passionate about it, has come forward to lend his voice to a social campaign for all the bike riders in the town. This campaign is for the safety of the individual riders out in the city who tend to risk their lives by performing unnecessary stunts. Dadlani who is a regular visitor of Bandra Reclamation and Carter Road has repeatedly complained the cops about the speeding of bike riders who perform risky stunts on their own.

On Sunday, he patted the police on the back after noticing a "considerably peaceful Carter Road". On being asked what made him choose the campaign and do something about it to which he Dadlani replied "Carter Road has turned into a happy riding zone for rule-defying underage bikers. With absolutely no checks in place, there has been a spurt in incidents of harassment of women, chain snatchings and other anti-social activities involving bikes. It poses a risk to all people coming to the promenade to enjoy its beauty." 

Vishal Dadlani is a biker himself as he said: "Even stunt riding is not a problem when done with all safety precautions in place."

This road safety initiative by Vishal is really a generous act by the musician. 

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