Kate Beckinsale: Fighting women is different

22nd June 2012

Kate Beckinsale has revealed that fighting women is "different" from tackling men.

The actress has recalled filming combat scenes with her Total Recall co-star Jessica Biel. Kate insists that the clashes weren't included in the movie simply to appeal to male viewers.

The brunette beauty added that there was a lot of apologising during the scenes because women are more considerate than guys.

"It's not like a naked, porno, mud-wrestling-in-a-bar sort of fight - it's a real fight. I did find that fighting a woman was very different from when I've fought men. There was a lot of, I didn't hurt you, did I? Ooh, I'm sorry about that! No, it was my fault!'" she told Women's Health.

Kate also revealed that she wasn't always as fit as she is now.

The 38-year-old shows off an admirably athletic figure in her action roles on the big screen.

But the Underworld star confessed that she found exercise "weird" during her younger years.

"I wasn't particularly athletic. No one ever thought, I must have Kate on my team'. To me, you only went to the gym if you were really weird and obsessive. No one I knew in London at the time ever did it," she said.

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