Lisa Haydon's 2nd anniversary is quite a Deja Vu

1st November 2018

Model/Actress Lisa Haydon celebrated her 2nd wedding anniversary in some style. The 32 year old is married to her longtime boyfriend Dino Lalvani. The actress recently took the moment as she replicated her wedding ceremonies to ring in her 2nd wedding anniversary post the birth of her son.

The couple zeroed down on the same venue which is a beach in Phuket and recreated old memories with a welcoming tomorrow as they wore the same wedding outfits. A Deja Vu! isn't it? Lisa shared an Instagram story where the dup is seen exchanging the ring for the second time on the occasion of their second wedding anniversary. Why you may ask? Well, simply because their son Zack missed their wedding.

Earlier she shared a heartwarming pic with hubby Dino and son Zack and wrote, "Two years ago on this spot of beach we said yes to a whole new life. Thank you for making me a much better .... tennis player(what doesn't kill you makes you stronger). You have truly taught me what it means to be.... a Gypsy.. and You are hands down the worlds best... Instagram photographer. Jokes aside, happy anniversary, best dad, tech visionary and always full of surprises— out there acing life! We Love YOU xx. p.s. Zack is a happy kid I promise. This picture nutshells how he feels about family photos where his parents struggle to look good while he nails blue steel in every shot."

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