Big B's words of wisdom on his mother's birth anniversary

13th August 2018

Legendary star Amitabh Bachchan who is quite regular with his blog when it comes to express himself, treats that platform as his personal diary of thoughts. He recently came forward to express her irreplaceable love for mother Teji Bachchan on her birth anniversary. 

Big B posted one of his black and white childhood picture with her mother and penned few words of wisdom coming straightaway from his heart as a true tribute to her late mother. In the letter, Amitabh also mentioned that it was her mother who introduced him to the world of movies and that was the start of how he became the legendary actor that he is today.

Amitabh Bachchan fondly wrote, "She introduced me to theatre, films and music .. and to ballroom dancing .. took me to the floor at Gaylords, that popular restaurant in Connaught Place Delhi, one evening .... her fashion and aesthetics were beyond compare .."

Bachchan's letter read "That ‘piping hot’ cup of tea first thing in the morning - her words .. her elegance in presence and form .. as she would walk past the College corridors where she taught for a while, in Lahore, the students would wait for her, to see what she would be wearing and .. to follow her perfume .. She loved to drive, and never wasted the first opportunity to pull everyone into a car and take them out for a coffee, or eats at her favourite eatery, or to just see the Republic Day lights at Rashtrapati Bhavan .. laughter and song and happiness surrounded her ever .. but touch her cubs and the lioness in her would tear into you .'' 

He concluded by saying "I have just her memories with me .. nothing material .. but for me, that is more than any else ..," 

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