Lucky Ali's cryptic tweet, leaves the fans baffled

20th July 2018

Veteran Bollywood singer Lucky Ali cryptic tweet got his fans worried. Ali tweeted,"Dear Chemo therapy you should not be an option..ever..." This tensed many of his fans with strange interpretations but then the singer clarified it with the tweet that it is nothing to worry about and everything is just fine by God's grace. The soft rock singer has million of blessings to endeavour and he clarified with yet another tweet.

Lucky Ali tweeted,"By Allahs Grace  I’m FINE and Thankyou everyone for your love and concern.. I was ranting against Chemo therapy because young people are being diagnosed with cancers and Losing hope when there are other Holistic Cures..So it was just one of those ones..Love Always." 

The singer has retired from playback singing and even Bollywood or live performances a long while ago but the 59-year-old is socially active even now. 

What made the fans speculate the cancer angle is Bollywood's two of the famous faces Sonali Bendre and Irrfan Khan are diagnosed with cancer and this concern is raised out of the curiosity meter. 

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