Mahesh Bhatt and Anuradha Paudwal reunite for a TV show

22nd August 2016

Veteran singer Anuradha Paudwal, who is well known for her devotional songs as well as Bollywood songs recorded a song for a TV show titled 'Namkaran' for the first time. Post which the singer took the devotional path and recorded numerous song of the same genre. 

And now the show created by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and Anuradha will reunite them after 15 long years. She has sung songs for many of his film in the late 90s. While talking about the reunion, Anuradha says, "I have sung a song for Maheshji after 15 years. The last I sang for him was for the film 'Paap.' After that I moved to singing devotional songs and have been happy doing that." Asking on as to why she chose to stay away from singing Bollywood songs and she says, "It was a personal choice. It's not that I don't like singing Bollywood songs."

She also added, "There is no sustainability. After one hit song, there is another and so on. Nevertheless, the music and singers are exceptional even now."

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