Ram Charan fights with his wife

15th July 2013
Ram Charan is the son of one of the biggest stars in South (Chiranjeevi) and he is all set to make his big Bollwyood debut in 2013 with 'Zanjeer'
The man who plays a 'macho' guy onscreen, admits that he likes being dominated by his wife Upasana at home. 
While couples like to portray a very peace loving image when they step out in public, Ram has no qualms in admitting that he and his wife fight like cats and dogs and also throw chutney and sauce at each other while in a squabble. 
Unlike many stars that treat their wives as 'Arm candy'; Ram believes that a woman can be extremely competitive outside and still be sensitive at home. 
Ram even spills beans on his dad Chiranjeevi and says that he would see his mom shouting at his dad at home. Even though he is a star, Ram wants his lady to be independent. While he appreciates the fact that Upasana has made him an extrovert, he feels that no one can handle his wife the way he does.
Now here is a couple that are tied together with the 'Zanjeer' of love. 
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