Ravi Teja will be directed by Meher Ramesh

27th August 2011

After the consequent losses his films received through 'Veera' and 'Mirapakaya', one would've thought Ravi Teja's Tej (charm) is lost; but, Meher Ramesh still believes in him.

Ravi Teja will be starring in a film directed by Meher Ramesh and produced by Vijayaprasad. The film is yet to be titled. As of now, the cast and crew are being finalised and the film is in its pre-production stage. It is said that the film will be completely action-oriented and will start shooting once Ravi finishes his current shoot for Gunasekhar's Nippu.

Although Gunashekhar's Varudu and Meher Ramesh's Shakti have fared badly at the box-office, let us hope both their films with Ravi Teja do good for all of them.

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