Tiger goes gaga over Hrithik's dancing

17th June 2014

Bollywood's latest poster boy Tiger Shroff has been making news for all the right and the wrong reasons. First, his debut film does well at the box office and next we hear that he has become the butt of all jokes.

But all this doesn't stop him from making headlines. Tiger has not only been praised for his acting and action but also dancing. From what we hear he is quite passionate about his dancing and always has been working hard to improvise.

When asked who according to him is the best dancer in Bollywood, pat came the reply. He exclaims that according to him one actor who has perfected dancing and acting is Hrithik Roshan.

"If Hrithik sir wasn't a good actor in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and if he were just a brilliant dancer, nobody would've appreciated him much. He did these larger-than-life dance moves, besides acting so well. That's what made him a superstar," said Tiger.

According to him Hrithik is the best dancing star that we have. "When it comes to dance, there's nobody better than him," he added.

Tiger however refused to comment about Shahid Kapoor's dancing skills. Shahid is also one of the best but he chose Hrithik yet again.

"I don't know about Shahid sir, but Hrithik sir is on another level altogether," said Tiger, clearly an ardent Hrithik fan.

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