Sanjay Dutt initiates a campaign to fight drug abuse amongst the youth

11th February 2019

Known for speaking his mind, actor Sanjay Dutt has been extremely transparent about the fact that he fell prey to drug abuse during his youth and never held himself from speaking about it at various forums. In a recent interview, the actor came on records to talk about his willingness to be a part of a nation-wide campaign against drug abuse, which is being organized at educational campuses in Chandigarh and Hisar on 18 and 19 of this month respectively.

Designed to eliminate drug addiction and in order to spread knowledge about the inhumane repercussions, the actor is all set to share his past experiences and how it severely impacted his years as a young man. Not only Sanjay Dutt but B-Townies like Sonakshi Sinha, Parineeti Chopra, Badshah, Sonu Nigam, Kapil Sharma, and Varun Sharma are also coming forward to support the change. They will engage with 25000 students on campuses on both the days, to counsel and discourage them from falling prey to such abuse.

Joining the bandwagon we have another one crore students across hundreds of other educational institutions in the country, who will also be able to watch this event through a live broadcast. This would be then followed by a road-show including all the celebrities coming on-board.

The blueprint of the idea to eradicate drug abuse goes back to the time when actor Sanjay Dutt was released from Yerwada Jail in 2016. His friends, producer Ajay Arora (Bittoo), lyricist Montoo Bassi and filmmaker Mahavir Jain had an extensive conversation about the growing problem amongst the youth and a year later the idea was run through by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Bengaluru to seek a way forward.

Confirming the development the actor said, "I have experienced the menace of drugs first hand. I know the havoc it creates and so this cause is close to my heart. The aim is to make this campaign India’s largest. It’s very easy to get sucked into drug abuse, but very difficult to get out of it. It all starts when minds are young and impressionable. We have to firmly tell youngsters that drug abuse is not cool. That’s why we want to reach out to the youth of this country and spread the word through campuses." The actor seems to have taken on this as a mission and he signs off saying, "Na karunga na karne doonga."

With such a stringent initiative coming forward, we are sure that this mission will lay a new path for the youth giving them a new vision of existence.