Watch the making of 'Bloody Hell' from 'Rangoon'

20th February 2017

Promotions for the film 'Rangoon' are on full swing as the release is heading nearer. While it is always a treat to watch the songs of the films, the making videos too form the funny part of it. We have seen many videos which shows what goes behind the camera but the making of the song 'Bloody Hell' from 'Rangoon' is a total laugh riot.

As we can see in the song, the entire set is erected on a water body. Ranjit, who was amongst the one who designed the sets informs that it was the biggest task to erect a set there, as it is the place where cheetahs come to drink water and even there are snakes in the water.

Kangana Ranaut while sharing her experience said that the song should not turn into a nightmare when she heard all these stories. She had to start her dance moves with a fusion of many dance forms and she enjoyed every bit of it. The next we can see is many more funny and only funny moments by the crew which are intelligently shown in a reverse manner as well.

Starring Shahid Kapoor, Kangana ranaut and Saif Ali Khan in the lead, 'Rangoon' releases on February 24, 2017.

Watch the video here

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