Anupam compares SRK and Akki to Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt

13th November 2014

Anupam Kher raised quite a few eyebrows when he compared Bollywood stars with the Hollywood actors at the Indian Cinema Conclave held in Delhi.

He said, "Shah Rukh and Akshay can do what Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt do in a movie, but I doubt if Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise can do the trademark style of Shah Rukh."

"I don't see the need to compare what we make at home to what is made abroad. I think we are a young country and we have many other important issue to take care of rather than cinema. It is unfair."

Talking about the corporates entering into the glamour world, he said, "I was not convinced by the idea of coming of corporates in the industry but I feel it is the best thing that has happened in the industry. Cinema is now so organised and transparent."

Veteran actor, who has been a part of various international projects says, "As an actor, I feel very happy if I get an American film and it does well. When I am working on an international project, I am representing India and feel more responsible. The thing that attracts me about them is their professionalism. They are so well prepared."


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