'Cheat India' title changes to 'Why Cheat India'

10th January 2019

Emraan Hashmi starrer 'Cheat India' which was the orignal title of the film has been changed to 'Why Cheat India' with just one week away from its release. The film's title was reportedly changed after an objection from Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Film's co-producer Tanuj Garg told Mumbai Mirror, "The CBFC had concerns about the title Cheat India. We had an extensive conversation with the Examining Committee and Revising Committee regarding the proposed change as the film has been in public domain for a year, and more importantly, because the theatrical teaser, trailer and television promos had already been certified with the original title. This would lead to dual communication a week before the release. The duress of lack of time left us with no choice but to mutually agree to the new title, 'Why Cheat India'."

CBFC's examining committee said that the title was misleading in the context of the film. While the makers pointed out that the title, Cheat India, has been in the public domain for two years, the committee referred the film to Revising Committee which also said that the title needed to change. Given the paucity of time the film releases on January 18, the makers agreed to change the title to Why Cheat India.

The film was finally cleared on Wednesday with only one change where a shot of drug use was blurred out. Helmed by Soumik Sen, the film also stars Shreya Dhanwantary.