Director goes gaga over the cast of 'Roy'

11th February 2015

Bollywood's debut filmmaker Vikramjit Singh had a time of his life while shooting his maiden venture 'Roy'. The film which stars superstars like Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Jacqueline Fernandez has been shot at multiple foreign locations.

Hence, the team had a great time in bonding over the shoots. Vikram exclaims that he was overwhelmed to see when his cast went out of their way to ensure the scenes were shot well.

Ranbir's car met with an accident during the shoot, while Arjun had to shoot on a busy street. Vikram states that he was grateful to his stars for being so accommodating all the time.

They had a great time bonding and there were times when these stars took personal interest in the filmmaking. For instance, Vikram reveals that Jacqueline actually used her personal wardrobe in the film for two major songs.

All and all Vikram exclaims that the shooting was an amazing experience for the whole team. "Making Roy has been an incredible journey — right from its inception, the script, the filming to the post-production and marketing. Filmmaking is not a one-man job, it's all about collaboration. It's a vision that the 200-odd-member crew worked tirelessly to achieve. Now that the movie is ready, I feel deep gratitude and a sense of responsibility towards each person who has worked so hard on creating it," he said.

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