Emraan Hashmi's bold move for needy students

16th January 2019

'Why Cheat India' has already stirred a few hornets in its build up. From a confident release date preponement to being nudged towards a title change by the Censors, the movie is asking questions.

Taking a step further the actor Emraan Hashmi instead of limiting his act to the silver screen only has decided to take noble step towards the society. Actor has zeroed in to support talented financially backwards kids in the society who are denied opportunity in the education sector. 

He said, "I'd like to sort out a few talented kids who have a genuine attitude towards certain subjects and are being denied the opportunity and/or access. I’ve requested my lawyers to look at the mechanics of supporting them financially to get to the courses that they are inclined towards. A share of my profits as a co-producer will be allocated towards this purpose."

When asked what drove him to do this film, Emraan Hashmi said it was a combination of a pertinent topic and a searing script. He adds, "Bizarre as it seems, we actually had 5-6 people in our unit that had actually appeared for someone else in proxy for an exam, or the other way around! And in a spot poll, almost 70% of our unit admitted to have cheated in at least one exam."

"From rampant malpractices in the education system, an outdated syllabus in most subjects, underpaid and ill qualified staff, are enough and more reason for a complete relook and overhaul of the education processes in India. The fact that one day of a competitive exam can decide your fate is, for me, the scariest thought!" Emraan pointed out. 

'Why Cheat India' has been produced by Bhushan Kumar's T-Series, Tanuj Garg and Atul Kasbekar's Ellipsis Entertainment and Parveen Hashmi's Emraan Hashmi Films. It releases on 18th January.