Celebs hail PM's move on reducing movie ticket GST

24th December 2018

Great news for the film fraternity arrived on Saturday when the Goods and Services Tax (GST) council declared to lower the rate of GST on the movie ticket. A smile on the face of the cinema-goers as tickets that are priced up to Rs. 100 will now attract GST rate of 12 per cent, instead of the earlier 18 per cent. While the tax rates for movie tickets above Rs. 100 has been brought down to 18% from the 28%.

Deepak Asher, president at the Multiplex Association of India said, "We felt that there was great injustice done to the sector when we were put in these heavy tax brackets, because watching a movie at the theatre isn't a luxury. With 2.5 billion tickets sold annually, films, in many cases across India, are the only source of entertainment for the masses."

Celebs flew heartfelt Thank You to the honourable PM of India Mr Narendra Modi via their respective tweets. Big names like Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh appreciated the PM with their respective tweets. While filmmaker Subhash Ghai and Ritesh Sidhwani also had words of wisdom in their tweet.

Aamir Khan wrote, "Heartfelt thank you to Honorable PM & the Govt of India for considering the request of the film industry for a reduction in GST.  If Indian cinema hopes to compete in the world market then we need the support of the Govt & Administration. This is a great 1st step in that direction."

Here are the tweets.