Esha Gupta's social media account hacked

5th April 2018

It was Esha Gupta's social media friend who texted her, "Hey babe, sad to know you lost your phone. Here’s my number." This was an unusual message that took the actress by shock as she neither lost her phone nor deleted any of her contacts. This made her investigate the matter and she found out that her social media account on an image sharing platform has been hacked.

Speaking about this Esha said,"It was absurd of my friend to message me his number out of the blue. When I told him that I had not lost my phone, he told me that he had received a message from my Instagram account, asking for his number, which he found weird since I never use that platform for such communication. I then realised that there's a problem and to my horror, what I suspected came true. Someone had used my account to send messages to all my contacts, asking for their numbers. It was scary because who knows what their purpose was."

She further said, "Thankfully, my account was not used to send out nasty messages or lewd pictures to anyone. Otherwise, I would have been embarrassed and it would have created a lot of trouble."

She ended up saying,"Filing a police complaint and following it up is too time-consuming and the process is also lengthy. I didn’t want to escalate the matter so much. Also, I had shared the password to my social media accounts only with the agency handling them. Since it’s not an obvious, easy password, I strongly suspect that someone from their end is behind this. That is the reason I have terminated my contract with them. Now, my accounts are in my control and if need be, I might hire someone to handle it for me; at least that way, if something happens, I know who’s accountable."

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