K L Saigal's harmonium lives evergreen

23rd June 2015

Popular actor and singer of golden times of Hindi Film Industry, K L Saigal, soon becomes a nostalgic figure with his harmonium.

Sovan Lal Saham is the owner of first Indian owned music company and harmonium belonged to the company but Saigal started playing it for the first song he recorded and following that, the harmonium belonged to him.

Saham said, "He used to sing in a particular scale and didn't like it if anyone changed the scale. It was kept exclusively for him. Even later after he became a superstar, he never used another harmonium when he was in Kolkata. When he was in Mumbai, he was often heard lamenting the fact that his favourite instrument was not with him. He said his songs were incomplete without this harmonium."

Saham has been preserving the instrument like a family heirloom and he also refused to sell it to Lata Mangeshkar. He concluded, "Lataji wanted to keep it in her prayer room. It was a huge amount but we couldn't bring ourselves to part with this priceless instrument."  

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