Kamal Haasan writes an open letter to PM

13th April 2018

Veteran South Indian star Kamal Haasan on Friday wrote an open letter to PM Narendra Modi regarding issues related to the formation of Kaveri Water Management Board. He also shared a video highlighting several points that suggest BJP government is delaying the supreme court judgement due to the upcoming elections and the actor want this to prove wrong.

In the video posted on Twitter, Kamal says, "My name is Kamal Haasan. This is an open appeal to the Prime Minister. I am sure you are very aware of the crisis that is gripping Tamil Nadu and the ongoing agitations for Cauvery water. I think with your previous experience for Narmada Water Board Authority, you could easily deliver the justice that Tamil Nadu is seeking for. Both pundits and pedestrians alike suspect and believe that this delay in getting justice is due to the elections in Karnataka and your interests in it. I want this belief to be dispelled for people are more important than elections."

Haasan concluded the video saying, "Please do justice for Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and see to that the Supreme Court judgement is followed. I am also sending you an open letter in case I have missed out any points in my anxiety to pass on this tumultuous moment in Tamil Nadu and people will of somehow getting water for their farmers and themselves. Thank you, sir. I am sure you will do the needful and you must. Thank you, namaste."

Here is the open letter shared by Haasan on his official twitter handle. 

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