Lara Dutta to launch her skincare brand ARIAS

7th March 2018

Miss Intercontinental 1997 and Miss Universe 2000 winner Lara Dutta has always been an idol for the beauty and health tips followers; every aspiring woman would want to know the secret of her good looking skin. Making a strong comeback into the films after pregnancy, she was often asked about the beauty tips she follows. Hence she was struck with an idea of introducing a range of skincare products with all her insights and her own brand name.

Turning to an aspiring future entrepreneur Lara's beauty products brand name is named ARIAS. The 40-year-old is soon set to launch her range of beauty products in the last quarter of the current year. The products are mainly being developed in Singapore laboratories. Looks like Lara Dutta will be stepping in the shoes of a businesswoman.
Speaking about her brand Lara said, "For years, ever since I was a model, I would be asked about what I did for my skin. So extending my own brand to include skincare seems almost organic to my progression. The product range has been carefully created and focuses on age management and control in the most effective manner. The range is created using the best ingredients from around the world that have been proven to show results. My vision has been to make sure we offer world-class products that are readily accessible to the Indian consumer at affordable prices."

Meanwhile, Lara Dutta is roped in as a reality show judge for a dance show 'High Fever: Dance Ka Naya Tevar'. 

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