Malaika goes gaga over Arbaaz

6th January 2015

Bollywood's one of the most talked about and loved couples, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan are the epitome of love. Their long standing marriage and rock solid relationship restores people's faith in the institution of marriage and love.

In an age where unfortunately breakups and divorces make it to the headlines every alternate day, this couple proves that true love stands the test of time always. Malaika who has always been very vocal about her relationship, exclaims that Arbaaz completes her world.

"He is my anchor and the most rock-solid person in my life. No matter however many ups and downs, he knows me thoroughly, sometimes better than what I know myself. He is the most grounded person I have ever met. Nothing about him was superficial, he is just the way he is. It's so uncanny. While shooting with him in MR coffee as, I was falling instantly in love with him," she said.

She states that what she loves the most about him, is the kind of man he is. She also stated that Arbaaz is very principled and disciplined like his father.

"Arbaaz is a complete reflection of his father. I find them very alike, be it their likes, dislikes or their views on life. They are both very intelligent and perceptive human beings, who can engage you in any conversation and both of them love cricket. They are both proud men and be it their mannerisms or the way they talk or think, they are similar and I think that's why Arbaaz has the maximum arguments with him, as both are very opinionated and hot headed. He is a complete reflection of him," Malaika adds.

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